• Swipe or cash at any VISA ATM or POS with your Fuze Visa Debit Card
  • Get Interest on your credit balance
  • Default limit for ATM & POS purchase is P500.00
  • Keep track of your account with SMS Alertz
  • Buy airtime with Tobetsa Mobile Banking

*Terms and conditions apply

FUZE Account Opening Requirements

  • Birth certificate (13-15% or Omang (16-24) of the child
  • Omang for the parent or guardian (proof of guardianship required)
  • Proof of residential address for the parent/ guardian
  • Source of funding of the parent/ guardian to be indicated on the form
  • Account opening form, Minor Mandate & Card Conditions


  • Passport for the child
  • Passport for the parent or guardian
  • Valid work and residence permits for guardian