​About Us

​Welcome to Bank Gaborone Limited. What makes us a particularly interesting company is not that we are owned by Capricorn Group but that we are the first green field operation in the history of the diversified Capricorn Group of companies.

Following the acquisition of a controlling stake of 68.7% in Capricorn Investment Holdings Botswana Limited which in turn holds 100% of the share capital in Bank Gaborone, the bank is now a member of the Capricorn Group. Capricorn Group is a diversified Namibian financial services group with interests in banking, asset management and insurance. The Group is listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange. At inception, the aim was to create a financially independent bank for Batswana, in Botswana.

Bank Gaborone has been providing retail banking services in Botswana since 2006 with our first branch on Pilane Road, Main Mall, Gaborone. Bank Gaborone operates through 9 retail banking branches and 12 BG Finance unsecured lending offices across the country and still growing. We service both individuals and businesses offering transactional accounts, savings and investment solutions, loans including vehicle, home and commercial, SME banking and foreign exchange services. Our clients also have access to insurance products through our sister company, BG Insurance Agency.

In areas where we do not have branches, we provide access to our clients through 20 ATMs, strategically placed around the country; we are continually working on increasing our ATM network. To enable customers to access their funds at their convenience, we offer them electronic channels including Tobetsa Mobile Banking, E-pula Internet Banking and SMS Alertz.
We are about building and nurturing relationships. We listen to our clients and help them to identify opportunities and facilitate their sustainability by providing relevant solutions or connecting them to the right solutions. We don't bank money, we bank people, this principle is our guide to ensure we maintain great customer service.

Whether it's through the financial solutions we offer, the businesses we invest with, or through the community projects we are involved in we are here to connect our clients to positive change.

Purpose Vision & Values

Our drive towards this aspiration is anchored in three fundamental beliefs that form the basis of our shared culture, The Capricorn Way.

We believe that:

  • Purpose inspires leadership – it is about understanding how can we make a difference and what our organisation stands for, beyond its pursuit for profit.

  • Diversity ignites quantum leaps – when people with their different perspectives come together, these multiple perspectives can make something powerful happen and ignite positive change. We believe that inclusivity results in stronger decisions being made.

  • Being connected helps us grow –in deeply caring relationships and sustainable growth. We believe that the health of our organisation is reflected by the quality of our relationships. We know that looking after our employees results in them looking after our clients, society and the environment, which takes care of business.

Our beliefs underpin the way we do things, as individuals, members of a team, and as organisation in the world.

We value good governance and citizenship and we do this by focusing on our strengths and mitigating risk, not avoiding it.  We accept the reality of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity but we sense, probe and respond to these to enable sound decisions.  We believe that real value is maintaining a long term view, whilst attending to short term needs to ensure sustainable growth. We are committed to build a sustainable and resilient business that contributes to the growth and development of our communities

These beliefs and norms manifest in our values: Inspired; Open; Dedicated. Our values motivate​ us to always be inspired, open and dedicated in everything we do and say in our work environment and when engaging with stakeholders in the diverse communities we serve.

  • Being Inspired is an expression of our loyalty towards our brand and serves as an inspiration to the communities we serve.

  • Being Open is a key mark of our behaviour towards our stakeholders and clients as our focal point. We share our collective knowledge openly with them and are open to learn from them and from the best.

  • Being Dedicated shapes our thinking towards deep care for relationships and our devotion not to compromise the experience of our customers and other stakeholders as a result of our decisions.

Our values give meaning to our purpose, as connectors of positive change, and direct us to be an economically viable, environmentally conscious, socially fair and an ethical organisation that differentiates itself through changing lives for the better.​

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