​​Wholesale Banking and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) banking

Without business, there would be no trade. Without trade, there would be no economy. In addition, we all know that money makes the world go around. Which is why we take business so seriously and precisely why we have designed an innovative range of business banking solutions to not only turn ideas into reality, but to keep them alive through growth and development.
We offer the services of a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be the client’s interface with Bank Gaborone. The Relationship Manager works closely with the Customer Relationship Officer who will be the customer’s second point of contact at Bank Gaborone. The Customer Relationship Officer has an oversight of the customer’s portfolio and is available to provide continued support and superior customer service.
We strive to function as partners and trusted advisors to our customers in their business operations through our one-stop-banking philosophy. Our key differentiator is our relationships with our clients which is passion driven. Our clients are not ‘just a number’ but a valued member of our success. Our Relationship Managers are skilled individuals fueled by a drive to succeed. True Relationship building is the name of our game.

Product & Services

  • Transactional Banking: Cheque account with overdraft and sweeping facility with a call account
  • Lending Solutions: Purchase Order Financing (SME), Commercial loan, Property finance & Vehicle & Asset Finance
  • Investment Solutions: Call, Notice and Fixed deposit accounts
  • Value-Added Solutions: Short-term Insurance, Key-man Insurance, Payroll Solutions
  • Global Trade: Foreign Currency Accounts (USD, EUR, GBP and ZAR), Foreign Currency Transfers, Letters of Credit, Forward Exchange Contracts.
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Application Requirements for a Business Cheque Account

  • SME Banking: turnover of P2 million and below
  • Wholesale Banking: Turnover of P4 million and above
  • Businesses with a turnover between P2 million and P4 million are serviced at branches
  • Information of each signatory
  • Motswana

    • Omang
    • Proof of residential address (Utility Bill, employment Letter, or Affidavit). Please note that this document must not be more than 3 months old and the utility bill should be under your name.


    • Certified copy of Passports for all Directors
    • Certified copies of Work & Residence Permits for all Directors
    • Proof of residential address (Utility Bill, employment Letter, or Affidavit). Please note that this document must not be more than 3 months old and the utility bill should be under your name.

    Information for the company

    • Certificate of Incorporation/registration
    • Resolution (must be addressed to Bank Gaborone & state the signatories)
    • Business Projection (3 Months for new businesses)
    • Financial Records (6 Months statements for existing business with bank account)
    • Share Certificates (Form 8)
    • Physical Location (Form 15)
    • List of Directors(Form 13 & 14)
    • Proof of physical location of business (Company Utility Bill, Lease Agreement or Affidavit)
    • Form 2a, Form 2b, Form 2c, Form 2d

Fees & Charges

  • Opening deposit P1 000.00
  • Monthly maintenance fee
  • Fees & Charges based on account activity

Application Requirements for a Commercial Loan

General Documents for Directors

  • Personal balance sheets for all directors
  • Proof of current residential address for all directors : utility bill (i.e. electricity or water or automated alarm)
  • Proof of business premises : utility bill (i.e. electricity or water or automated alarm)
  • Original/certified copy of Marriage Certificate / ante-nuptial contract / decree absolute (if applicable) for all directors
  • Original/certified copy of your Omang for all directors (Batswana) / passport (expatriates)
  • Original/certified copy of work and residence Permit/s for all directors (expatriates)
  • Bank account details for all directors (to enable us to request Bank reports)
  • Any other additional information considered valuable towards the evaluation of the proposal

Documents for Companies, Partnerships and other institutions

  • Business Proposal/plan
  • Latest management accounts
  • Monthly cash flow projections for 12 months
  • Yearly cash flow projections for 36 months
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (companies)
  • Partnership Agreement (partnerships)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (companies)
  • Constitution (other institutions)
  • Resolution to borrow (certified by company secretary)
  • Proof of shareholding (Forms 2 + 5)

General Loan Information

  • The minimum deposit is 10%
  • The lending rate is linked to the Prime Lending Rate
  • The Bank will appoint its bond attorneys
  • The Bank will appoint its valuers
  • The maximum loan term is 15 years. The Bank reserves the right to determine the loan period
  • The Bank conducts credit reference checks on the business entity and the directors
  • Payments are only effected after registration of the bond